Senior Living

Aging in Place

Senior Living

Today’s aging population wants to be active as well as age gracefully. A large segment of this population chooses to live in their homes as long as possible. The services we offer can assist this fast growing audience in decisions relating to safety, usability and enjoyment.

What We Bring to You – Experience and Affordability

Who Are We – We are professionals providing services for Aging In Place.

  • Society of American Registered Architects – SARA
  • Certified Interior Designer – CID
  • Certified Aging in Place Specialists – CAPS

Services offered:

  • Consultation for Aging in Place – Residential
  • Consultation for ADA compliance – Commercial
  • Incorporating Aging in Place and ADA standards in your project 


  • A secure, safe, user-friendly, and enjoyable home for independent living
  • Quality referrals and design options
  • Save money and build equity. Compared to other retirement options.
  • Professional design analysis to meet your needs
  • Accurate drawings for estimating and ADA compliance
  • Provide all information required for city permits

This Keeps You & Your Money
In Your Home.